One day basic Obedience foundation workshop

This is a general dog obedience course any dog breed or purpose welcome.

We cover the Marker/Clicker training system in combination with conventional training concepts.

This workshop focuses on puppies and adult dogs with behavioral challenges.

We start off by building a solid foundation through understanding dog psychology

Pack leadership, Food Habits, Introducing the step training system.

Obedience exercises Sit, Heel, Stay, Nose Development Games. Teaching the dog or pup to run on a treadmill.

One day retriever workshop Level 1

Retrieving exercises understanding retrieving dynamics.

  • Marking Drills
  • Force Fetch
  • Hold conditioning
  • Gun Conditioning
  • Steady at shot
  • Antler shed retrieving

One day Retriever Advanced

Waterfowl training workshop Level 2

This workshop is focused on blind retrieves.

  • Hand signals
  • The four tire drill
  • Single T drills
  • Double T drills
  • Water work
  • Bird handling
  • Water training
  • Field training
  • Waterfowl blinds & decoys
  • Bumper / Bird Launchers
  • Incl birds


E Collar Workshop

Please schedule this class two months in advance so we can give you a dummy collar for the dog to wear.

The course consists of how to train a dog effectively using this tool.

The improper use of an E collar can be very damaging to a dog!

We sell the sport dog product line of collars contact us for more details.

One day Upland bird hunting training workshop

Flushing dogs keeping the dog within shooting range

  • Pointing Whoa command
  • Patterns
  • Using bird boxes
  • Incl birds

Click on the link below for our spring Workshop schedule.

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All workshops come with a step-by-step manual.

Note: We teach you techniques how to train a dog and provide you with exercise that you can take home to continue training. A dog cannot be trained in just one day!

The complete program is designed that if you take all workshops you will have a started dog ready for the field.

Camping spots are available at no charge.

Host a clinic contact us for more details!