Basic Obedience Workshop

gives you the tools to train your dog’s foundation obedience.

All our workshops are hands-on all breeds welcome.

E-collar conditioning workshop

We teach a systematic approach linking the commands with the e collar.

Learn how to train your own gun dog

Retriever training Level 1

We cover Force Fetch, Hold conditioning, Marking drills, Diversion drills, Sit at the whistle.

Understanding body language when to apply pressure and when to avoid pressure.

We break the exercises down into steps that your dog can understand.

Every dog responds differently to pressure some dogs fly through the program some dogs take their time, I should be able to lay out a strategy for your dog for you to continue the force fetch and hold conditioning at home.

It takes me on average 2-3 weeks the complete the program.

Waterfowl Training Workshop Level 2

This is a jam-packed day we will have coffee on hand!

Force to pile, Diversion bird drills, hand casting, single T, Double T drills, Water drills,

Testing entry level blind retrieves to find the gaps to work on.

Upland Retriever Training Workshop.



Whoa command

Flushing patterns.

Dates coming soon for the Upland workshops.

For our spring workshop schedule click on the link below.