Training Services

Started dog hunting training. ( Upland or Waterfowl)training-pic1
This is an approximately Two to Three Month program depending on the dog. The dog must be 6-7 months of age to start this 3-month program!

  • Introduction to birds
  • Marking
  • Nose work
  • Basic Obedience
  • Drive fetch
  • Hold Conditioning
  • Gun conditioning
  • Water work
  • Fieldwork

A dog going through this program is ready to hunt and is considered a started dog

Our Training services are $1500 a month incl dog food, Birds, Ammo Etc.

We feed Red Paw to our working dogs to increase mental focus and maintain muscle tone, and overall health.

Finished Advanced Gun Dog Training

Continuation of the started program or a dog that has been used in the field already.

  • Blind Retrieves
  • Double TT Drills
  • Force to Pile
  • Cold Blinds
  • Lining Drills
  • Water Forced
  • De-Cheated
  • Multiple bird marking

The finished dog is ready for Hunt Test trials and advanced hunting retrievals. Based on the AKC Hunt Test Standards.