Tido is a fantastically tempered Black Labrador Retriever. An off spring from Shaq ( Wood Rivers Franchise) His temperament makes him a joy to train and hunt with. He possesses a unique capacity to learn. He is very trainable with a softness scale from 1-10 he is an 8.5. The goal for Tido is to attain his Master Hunter title in the CKC. His is currently being trained and campaigned by his owner, Andre Draayer.

tido2Tido is enjoying retirement!

He is the foundation of our breeding program.


Tido possesses the skills that any dog handler or hunter would love to have in any dog. Here are some of the highlights of Tido:
Drive/Desire: A dog’s internal desire to train and succeed is one of the most important traits a retriever can possess. It’s undeniably easier to train a retriever with a high level of drive. Tido possesses that high level desire to want to succeed. This trait is evident watching Tido train, compete, and hunt. He charges hard for downed birds, puts forth the extra effort in training, and there’s nothing he would rather do than hunt every day of the year.
Marking: Tido demonstrates exceptional marking abilities to mark up to 5-6 birds. He can mark from distances long and short, in cover or out. This translates into a dog that will pick up any bird in any hunting environment. He drives hard for every bird. His memory is superior and he won’t quit until he knows he’s picked up every bird.
Handling: Tido has the unique capability to run blinds as well as he can run marks. Some dogs have a preference with marks or blinds, Tido runs either one. He snaps to attention when a whistle is blown, and takes commands without question. He will run blinds all day long, at any distance needed.
Water: Since a puppy, Tido loves the water. He’s not afraid to get muddy or go into thick cover to get a downed bird. This is evidenced by his straight lines to a bird.The water’s never too cold for him to retrieve birds.
Home Life: Versatility Tido transforms from a great family dog to a strong willed hunting retriever in the field. He possesses the traits many hunters are looking for: he’s gentle and low maintenance in the house, but a hard charger in the field. He’s a combination indoor/outdoor dog.
Hunting: Here at Ultimate Gun Dog, we believe a retriever’s hunting skills is the most important trait a retriever can have. It’s too often we see a talented dog in the hunting with our dogs is where all the pieces come together.
Tido as impressive in the field as he is in a test or in training. He doesn’t bat an eye when you ask him to smash through ice for a late season goose, and he goes after the last duck as hard as he does for the first one. Tido hunts Pheasant, Sharp tail, ducks, and geese from the beginning of September all the way through the snow goose season in April. His enthusiasm never wanes. His body type and strength makes him a versatile dog his owner relies on to pick up any bird. It’s for these reasons Tido makes a great stud dog for someone looking for a true hunting companion.

General Information

Retrieve and desire
Trainability & Focus
Calmness & Off Switch
X Factor

The number scale the higher the number the higher the influence.

X-Factor = prey drive

Softness is how the dog is handling pressure.

Calmness & off switch is trainable the number displayed is based on their natural tendency.