Thor- Stud

Thor has really come into his own this year.  We are training him for waterfowl hunting and blind retrieves first before introducing him to upland bird hunting.


Thor’s strengths lie in his marking ability and desire to please his handler.

  • Drive/Desire: Thor totally bought into the hunt test game. We have created a monster. Thor lives to run hunt tests! Big leaping water entries are his calling card.
  • Build: Thor is a midsize dog, weighing in at 75lbs. He is gracefully with his movement and is great to have with you in a blind or on a boat.
  • Marking: By far Thor’s strongest attribute. I don’t know what else to tell you about it, he watches a bird go down and remembers the piece of grass it fell behind.
  • Handling: He handles like a dream. His desire to please makes for a dog that doesn’t want to fight you.
  • Hunting: Here at Ultimate Gun Dog, we believe a retriever’s hunting skills are the most important trait a retriever.He loves attention we learned not to pay attention to him while he is in the mutt-hut so he can stay focused on bird hunting.


Retrieve and desire

Trainability & Focus

Calmness & Off Switch

X Factor


The number scale the higher the number the higher the influence.

X-Factor = prey drive

Softness is how the dog is handling pressure.

Calmness & off switch is trainable the number displayed is based on their natural tendency.