10-month Basic started gun dog. This is a well-polished young ultimate gun dog that has nice manners, is fully steady, and is fully gun conditioned. A dog with lots of consistency that is easy to take home and to continue its training on the whistle.

This dog has been trained outside of hunting season using a variety of tools to simulate real hunting scenarios.





walk on a leash

walk off-leash

collar conditioned

load up

kennel trained

crate trained

introduced to life birds

introduced the dead birds

marking singles

marking double

marking out at the 50 yards land and water

marking drills

sit that the whistle

Force fetched

pressure condition

gun conditioned multiple guns

steady note training

dog stands/layout blind

running to decoys land and water

overall blind manners

started on hand signals also known as blind retrieves.

Besides a one-on-one transition training session dogs out of this program also come with a transition PDF manual & DVD with exercises to continue to get the most out of this training.

This dog requires extra time to transition the training and some coaching for the first couple of hunts to get this young dog to connect the dots between drills and real hunting setups.

All our started dogs come with lifetime support.

This is the kind of dog you can take hunting and have your buddies asking you out for more hunts because your dog is making life easy.


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