To start off to establish a pattern of behavior we only feed and provide access to water twice a day.

The reason why we feed and water the pup twice a day is to control the potty behavior of the young pup.

If a pup has access to water fulltime there is no way of telling when the pup has filled up its bladder and has to go potty. If we provide water only twice a day first thing in the morning and around 5 PM the pup is thirsty and will fill up the bladder in one sitting short after drinking, we take the puppy outside to go potty.

In the beginning this requires some patience while taking to puppy to go potty it recommended to keep the pup on the leash this will speed up when the pup understands the reason for going outside.

At some point of time the pup is going to start showing that it needs to go to the bathroom.