1. Gun conditioning

    It is important when gun conditioning a young dog to ensure that you start slow and gradually increase their exposure. Additionally, it is important to use a positive reinforcement approach when gun conditioning your pup - this includes providing lots of praise and treats when they show signs of progressing, as this will motivate them to keep going.   Begin by introducing your pup to the sound of…Read More

  2. Force Fetch

    When training your hunting or bird dog, one of the most important aspects to consider is force fetch. Force fetch refers to the process of teaching a dog to retrieve an object on command, even when it may be resistant or unwilling to do so. This type of training requires both patience and persistence but ultimately provides many benefits for your dog's training. Some of the key advantages of force…Read More

  3. New born puppy biosensor routine

    Over the years we developed a program modified from the military K9 program for our newborn puppies to have a very specific and important biosensor routine starting at day three we introduce puppies to gentle stressors and sounds that they must adhere to during the first weeks of their lives. From week four till week eight the pups get exposed to the playpen with hanging toys on unstable surfaces …Read More

  4. The Flushing dog advantage

    One advantage of a flushing dog is that it can be used in a variety of scenarios. Hunting in water-heavy areas can often prove difficult with pointing breeds as they'll be forced to leave their post while they traverse through the wet terrain. With flushing dogs, however, this isn’t an issue; they have no problem plowing through mud and shallow pools to flush out birds with ease. Additionally, m…Read More