Our breeding selection process.

I have spreadsheet that I keep track of bloodlines from the field trail circuit to look for bloodlines that would make a great match to our existing breeding stock. We typically acquire 1-2 new bloodline pups a year after we train them and they meet our stringent standards, Focus, Drive, Trainability, Memory retention, Overall handling to become a breeding prospect. At this point we start the health clearances process. EIC, CNM, CERF, OFA, SEVEN PANEL GENETICS

Our foundation bloodlines


  • 174 All-Age Points
  • 15 Open Wins, 6 Amateur Wins
  • Qualified for 11 consecutive National – 2X National Finalist
  • Proven Producer:
    • 68 Progeny generating 1,793 AA points (Avg 26 Pts/Progeny)
    • Sire of 2018 Top Amateur Dog – FC AFC Wood River’s Mr Big (154 Career AA Points)
    • Last litter produced 85 derby points from 3 dogs, all QAA by 2, multiple AA placements as 2-year olds.
  • 6 of 8 grandparents Hall of Fame Dogs with the 7th being 7X National Finalist Weezer Retreezer
  • 3 Generation Pedigrees (14 dogs)
    • 1,805 All-Age Points
    • 11 of 14 dogs over 100 All-Age Points
    • 9 of 14 dogs on All-time top producing Sire/Dam List
      • Dams: #1 Lottie, #3 Chena No Surprise, #7 Windy
      • Sires: #1 Maxx, #2 Grady, #7 Abe, #11 Shaq, #12 Shadow, #13 Code Blue
    • 4 Gen Pedigree over 3,000 All-Age Points, 17 100 Point Dogs, 16 National Titles, 8 Hall of Fame Dogs, 5 of 9 top producing Dams, 8 of top 13 Sires

 Ebonstar Lean Mac

1995, 2000 National Amateur Field Champion 1998, 1999 Canadian National Amateur Field Champion Field Champion

July 28, 1990 – August 2002
(Sire: 1987 CNFC, 1992 CNAFC Waldorf’s High Tech ex Dam: Ebonaceae Princess)

Maxx is arguably the best sire the most prepotent sire of this era. Records show, in 2006, 8 dogs sired by him with 9 National wins. Five of these national wins occurred in the Canadian Na- tional Open and Canadian National Amateur. Names of titled offspring exceed 110 are too many too list here, but one bears mentioning. Chena River Chavez appears to have inherited the ability to pass on good genes to his offspring.