As a waterfowl guide and an avid upland bird hunter, I have always trained hunting labs in the offseason to finish they’re training program by exposing young dogs to real bird hunting plus during the guiding season. Some clients ended up buying the started dogs or sending me their puppies to get trained. This was the start of Ultimate Gun Dog,

We offer training services.

Private training lessons

Basic obedience

Waterfowl started and advanced

Upland flushing and pointing dog training,

Scent detection

Scent tracking

Shed training

American style Hunting lab puppies

Fully trained gun dogs for sale.

Training seminars

We use the latest tools such as automatic bird/bumper launchers in combination with different types of blinds with decoys over water and land to replicate realistic hunting scenarios. In an effort to prepare a young dog for its first hunt.

Over the years I have worked with several different breeds as well as trouble dogs from gun shy dogs to retrieving or behavioral issues.

Over the years I developed a positive systematic training approach to keep the dog motivated to learn and please the pack leader with the least amount of pressure to develop a true partnership.

Since 2008 we have been focusing on our own breeding program. We use pups from our litter to training into specialized scent dogs as well as started and finished gun dogs. If you are interested in one of our hunting lab puppies, visit our puppies page and get to know more about how you can bring one of our incredible dogs home with you. Contact us with any questions you have about our breeding, training, or workshops!

4 Month Semi Gundog head start program all the way to a finished gundog.