Our ultimate gun dog series qualifies as the extreme gun dog in the to retriever’s world.

Customers who are looking to get this level of dog are looking for dogs that can be handled any situation land and water life and dead birds. These dogs are capable of marking birds on Land and water.

Using hand signals whistles you can handle them like a remote control even in difficult situation heavy cover. This ultimate gun dog has an advanced set of manners that is able to work with or without an e collar well socialized around children and other family members this is the dog that is fully polished with retrieving and will be a dog that will make you look good.

if you are serious about your craft there is no exception for high-end dog anyone has spent time with a field understands the dog can make the difference between a great day in the field and a miserable experience.

you don’t need to be an outfitter to have a nice dog.

If you just enjoy the experience of having a fully trained dog to hunt with.

Or you want to pursue to run some field trials or hunt tests.

The ultimate gun dog is the dog for you!





walk on a leash

walk off leash

collar conditioned

load up

kennel trained

crate trained

introduction to life birds

introduction to debt birds

marking singles

marking doubles

marks out at 250 yards on land or water

marking drills

sit whistle on land and water

threat water on a whistle

Force fetch

pressure conditioned

gun conditioned


no bird training

dog stand/layout blind


fetch the ball

Force to pile

four handed casting

four handed leg pattern blinds

T pattern

Double T pattern

wagon wheel

water Force to pile

water T

water double T

honoring other dogs

cripple bird training

advance marking drills

advanced sit whistle

advanced steading concepts

advanced boat concepts

advance blind concepts

cold blinds out to 250 yards on land

cold blinds out to 150 yards on water

these dogs already have been waterfowl hunting with us and have picked up a couple hundred birds prior to going home.

we have dogs out in the field that is picking up north of 4500 birds in two months.

Besides a one-on-one transition training session dogs out of this program also come with a transition DVD with exercises to continue to get the most out of this training.


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