Sadie has been a hard-driving waterfowl dog, we are currently working on improving her skill set to her ready for Field Trials. She is a great flushing lab, we like our Labs to be multipurpose hunting dogs.


Scout strengths lie in her desire to please her handler.

  • Drive/Desire Sadie loves to flush birds from brush and is starting to find her love for waterfowl.
  • Build: Sadie is a Small size dog, weighing in at 55 lbs. She is graceful with her movement and is great to have with you in the field. Loves to swim great on waterfowl hunts and is starting to understand the upland field work.
  • Marking: This still requires further development at 300-500 yards.
  • Handling: Sadie handles like a dream. Her desire to please makes for a dog that wants to work all day long. She is one of those dogs that like to sit on your lap if you give her the chance. 2018 she will be going to field trial & Hunt Test.
  • Hunting: Here at Ultimate Gun Dog, we believe a retriever’s hunting skills are the most important trait a retriever.

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