1. PDF JAZZ Pedigree

    Jazz-Pedigree-Download. 5-5fd8f6a7d3d61…Read More

  2. Crate training your pup

    Crate training your pup This can be a challenge in the beginning as pups are no longer with their litter and have latched onto you and or your family. Its important to start crate training right away to establish this routine before creating a comfort expectation that is going to be harder to break at a latter date. Things we can do to help the transition. Warm water bag rolled up in a blanket giv…Read More

  3. Puppy potty training

    To start off to establish a pattern of behavior we only feed and provide access to water twice a day. The reason why we feed and water the pup twice a day is to control the potty behavior of the young pup. If a pup has access to water fulltime there is no way of telling when the pup has filled up its bladder and has to go potty. If we provide water only twice a day first thing in the morning and a…Read More

  4. Workshops 2018

    Basic Obedience Workshop gives you the tools to train your dog's foundation obedience. All our workshops are hands-on all breeds welcome. E-collar conditioning workshop We teach a systematic approach linking the commands with the e collar. Learn how to train your own gun dog Retriever training Level 1 We cover Force Fetch, Hold conditioning, Marking drills, Diversion drills, Sit at the whistle. …Read More

  5. Tido & Carbon

    We are expecting a litter the beginning of April 2018. We only take 4 deposits prior to whelping 2 male and 2 female. We have 2 pre whelping deposit left for male pups. Carbon typically has 8-10 pups. We do have a waiting list for people interested.…Read More