She is a great flushing lab that has been used for upland hunting. We have worked her on some Waterfowl drills at our training pond to make her a versatile hunting dog.


Maggie’s strengths lie in her marking ability and desire to please her handler / she is a strong willed dog that requires a firm handler.

  • Drive/Desire: Maggie loves the brush looking for upland game her Big leaping water entries are her calling card.   
  • Build: Maggie is a smaller size dog, weighing in at 60lbs. She is a fantastic waterfowl dog. she is also a true pleasure to take pheasant hunting.
  • Marking: By far Maggie’s strongest attribute.
  • Handling:  Maggie handles like a dream. Her desire to please makes her a fun dog to take hunting.
  • Hunting: Here at Ultimate Gun Dog, we believe a retriever’s hunting skills are the most important trait a retriever.



Retrieve and desire – 8.5

Trainability – 8.5

Calmness & Off Switch – 8.5

X Factor – 8.5

Softness – 7.5

The number scale the higher the number the higher the influence.

X-Factor = prey drive

Softness is how the dog is handling pressure.

Calmness & off switch is trainable the number displayed is based on their natural tendency.