Eight months started dog is ready for its first hunt.

The dog will have a solid foundation but will need continuing attention to reaffirming the pattern.

Besides a one-on-one transition training session dogs out of this program also come with a transition DVD with exercises to continue to get the most out of this training.

Long retrieves land and water

Hold conditioning / proper bird handling.

Force fetch

walking fetch

crate trained

retrieving off a bumper machine

retrieving birds

more advance marking out at a distance

normal retrieves land and water to about 80 yards

normal retrieving on water about 80 yards

retrieving with drive both directions

deliver to hand

deliver to a sit position and holding the bumper or bird properly

a full understanding of how to turn off pressure

more consistent and obedience

sit / stay





leash work

collar conditioning

Off leash focused heeling

Off leash recall

age-appropriate basic obedience and expectations


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