We start our selection process based on the needs and wants of the customer and a realistic expectation of what the breeding pairing is expected to deliver from a personality, drive, Energy level standpoint. our program has been very successful with matching pup personalities with clients and instill the foundational training for the customer to continue its progress with our continued support.

We start picking up puppies and handling them prior to opening their eyes

introducing them to sounds and stimuli at roughly 4 weeks old

begin weaning at 4 – 4 ½ weeks old

Starting puppies on puppy mash before the introduction to hard food at five weeks old

Start basic obedience at five weeks using positive markers.

Start a daily training routine at six weeks

At seven weeks we start retrieving feathered bumpers.

Eight weeks we start introducing the pup to live birds.

all our pups are microchips and up to date on shots and deworming.

4 Month Semi Gundog head start program

introduced to birds

shotgun conditioned.

Basic Obedience





Recognizes name

Started on medium level stay

Started on the focused heeling

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