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You’ve always dreamed of owning a fully trained hunting partner with a lot of heart and desire to please you. You came to the right place we at Ultimate Gun Dog are passionate about breeding and training top quality hunting labs from proven Dam & Sires for both Upland and Waterfowl hunting.
Whether you are looking for a great Lab Puppy or a started or finished hunting dog.

Over the years we have designed a proven training system that results in the making of hard driving hunting machines with an off switch when at home!

Why Ultimategundog?



Our property offers 160 acres of grass land with approximately 1 acre of swamp and water.
Great for Field training, Brush training, Water training.
Our kennel has training table. We use automatic bumper and bird launching systems to improve your dog’s marking ability. All the tools that are effective getting a dog ready for a hunt test or hunting season.



We spend years developing a breeding program that produces smart, easy to train, Loyal puppies.
I train at least one to two pups per litter to started or advanced gun dog.
Whether you are looking for a well-bred family member or looking for your next hunting partner.
You came to the right place. Give us a call to schedule a visit.


Expert Trained

We use an advanced training system used in Schutzhund, Police K9, Military K9 training.
Our method is based on positive reinforcement reducing direct pressure as much as possible.
Creating a motivated dog that is willing to work with you!

Why buying a started dog vs, buying a puppy

Our proven system is setting up a pup for success from the very beginning.

Dealing with puppy behavior. Potty training, chewing,etc.:

Proper socialization with people and other dogs.

No bad habits are developed that need to be reversed later by training.

Proper introduction to retrieving.

Pups are introduced to birds at a 6 weeks of age.

Force fetch.

Hold conditioning.

Gun conditioning.

Field training, Blind Training.

Blind retrieves ( Hand signals ) Finished dog

Force to pile

Cold blinds

Lining drills

Water forced


Marking multiple birds

Please see the training page for a more detailed explanation.

We send updated videos during the training process if your pup is in training!

If you purchase an already started or a Finished Dog.
All dogs come with a DVD explaining the Leadership transition program as well as captions of your dog’s training.


About us

As a waterfowl guide and an avid upland bird hunter, I have always trained hunting labs in the off season to finish they’re training program by exposing young dogs to real bird hunting plus during guiding season. Some clients ended up buying the started dogs or sending me their puppies to get trained.

We use the latest tools such as automatic bird/bumper launchers in combination with different types of blinds with decoys over water and land to replicate realistic hunting scenarios. In an effort to prepare a young dog for its first hunt..

Over the years I have worked with several different breeds as well as trouble dogs from gun shy dogs to retrieving or behavioral issues.

The last couple years we been focusing on our own breeding program, training started and finished dogs from our own litters. We only take on a select number of outside dogs for gundog training each year.

A started or a finished gun dog from Ultimategun Dog comes with a life time guarantee!

Our Mission


At Ultimate Gun Dog we take great pride in our dogs and offspring helping our customers
succeed in any way possible. Our philosophy is the
Customers success is our success!

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